The Idea Series: Week 1

The purpose of this project is not necessarily to generate all good ideas. Just ideas. As time progresses, maybe the quality will rise.

Additionally, each day doesn’t have to be simply business or app ideas. Each day could have its own theme, as we’ll soon see.

So, let’s begin!


Movie Genome Project

I watch a lot of movies. Sometimes I struggle to find something new to watch. I mean, there’s still countless movies I haven’t seen. My pre-80s “seen” list is criminally low. But sometimes I don’t want to hunt through my watchlist for what’s available to stream, or take a chance on something I may or may not like or be in the mood for. Sometimes I just want to have something picked for me. Kind of like TV programming, but tailored. (Don’t get me started on Netflix’s horrible algorithms and their something-to-be-desired content.)

The premise: like the Music Genome Project, used by Pandora, but for movies. Break down movies into their basic parts and use the parts in a Pandora-style suggestion engine.

The problem: It already exists.

Possible solution: It doesn’t look like the current solution has a consumer-friendly option. Meaning I can’t use it very easily (if at all).

Home Maintenance App

A small app that hooks into your calendar and reminds you to perform basic maintenance tasks throughout the year, then provides the option to upload and store documentation on the tasks themselves.

The premise: A great tool for disclosing info to a potential home buyer, or just to remind yourself to do that thing, or to check exactly what happened the last time you had a plumber out and how much that cost you.

Automated Gift Buyer / Recommendation Generator

Does what it says on the tin. Put in a contact, list a few interests, some semi-smart AI trawls through Pinterest and the like to come up with a few gift ideas come anniversary or Christmas time.

Software Support Training Course

Under works.

Boring Job Finder

Sometimes you don’t want to work at a hot startup. Maybe you want to find a boring, dependable job in a boring, dependable industry. Nothing exciting, but it’s something you can be comfortable in.

Book of Trick Questions

A massive cheat sheet for those stupid “gotcha!” interview questions that seem to be popular these days. Or maybe you want to annoy people at the bar.

Book of Conundrums

“Conundrum” is a game where I present you a situation, and you must use only Yes or No questions to figure out what caused this situtation. For instance: “A man cooks breakfast and dies.” You have to figure out, using only Yes or No questions, that this man was up in the mountains camping and wanted some eggs for breakfast. While peppering his eggs, he sneezed, which caused an avalanche the buried him.

Morbid, but fun for long road trips.

Weatherman Accountability

A small app to compare the forecast with the actual weather.

General Forecast Accountability

The same as above, but for general things, like odds-makers on sports games.

Video Game Centered IMDB

Say I wanted to see all the games that David Brevik has worked on. Yes, I could just go to that page — but say I also wanted to see the teams he worked with, and go down a general rabbit-hole of game production.

Watch Movies with Script Under Like Subs

Scoot the movie frame up, insert relevant portions of the script beneath. I think this would be a great tool for budding screenwriters. Similarly to how Lessons From the Screenplay does things.

Fantasy Novel Generator

This is less an app idea and more something I’d like to build. A procedural fantasy novel generator. Feed it a bunch of public domain fantasy stuff, have it spit out something “new.” It would be a good project to learn NLP. I could submit the final project to NaNoGenMo.

Custom Notepad Printer

More a service than an app. I’m very picky with the paper I use — for instance, I only used the Guest Check booklets for 3 days because I couldn’t stand to write on them. I don’t care how well they fit in my project, they’re truly awful.

Also, I really, really, really like graph paper. I’ve used this many times to generate my own pages. But I’d like to see a service that would print and bind for me a bunch of notebooks for general use. You give them the template — they print. Could be any type of template, and various output sizes. Pocket, ledger, etc.

Note / Document Archival

When I bought my house, there was so much paperwork. I have at least 30 separate scanned documents languishing in a folder on my harddrive. All of them have garbage file names, some of them contain portions of other ones.

The premise: A web app. Contains pre-baked templates for various types of documents. Buying a home? Start a new Project. Put your Appraisal Reports here, your CCRs here, your Seller’s Inspection here. You get the idea.

Watch Movie / Show with Friend Remotely

This definitely already exists. I’d like to see a simpler implementation: generate a link. Click the link. It opens a new tab in your browser. It begins playback at the specified time. An optional chat window appears to the right.

Socks That Don’t Stretch and Stay Up

Because it’s super annoying when they stretch out and fall down and scrunch up.

Amazon Affiliate Farming

Originally the “idea” was to do what all kinds of other bloggers do. Build a reader base, sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program, make money.
But then I thought — what about the reverse? A browser extension that detects and strips the affiliate portion of the link? Seems kind of messed up to do, though.

Handwriting Improvement Course

Because my handwriting is terrible and I’d like to know how to make it better.


Enthusiast Finder

Like, but highly targeted. You say, “I am a Lego enthusiast who only builds color recreations of mid-40s B&W noir films,” and others can find you or you can find them.


This one is going to be its own blog post.


Story Ideas!

I won’t extrapolate on these — that’s left as an exercise for my future self, or for the reader’s imagination.

  • A man responds to a job posting and gets caught up in a surreal whirlwind adventure
  • An interdimensional portal allows you to explore your alternative lives — and assume control, for a price
  • All occurrences of the word “and” have disappeared. Only Detective Ampersand can find out why.
  • Theme conflict: intent vs. action, or ends do/not justify means
  • An immortal who views people as tools rediscovers its humanity through one such “tool,” captured for a dark purpose
  • A retelling of the story of the Paladin in a high fantasy setting
  • A revolution that turns itself into the revolted
  • Tough mercenary group learns to survive by embracing their feelings
  • Santa Claus found dead in red light district in cyberpunk setting
  • In a kingdom where magicians are brutally hunted, a young person discovers they have “the gift”


10 Jobs I’d Like to Have

I’m notoriously indecisive. I’m also young. The future of my career is still fairly open — which direction I could go is still a thought that’s very much on my mind, and often.

Not that I’m looking for a change right now, or would even actually accept a job offer doing any of these things. But they’re things I could see some version of myself doing.

  • Business Analyst
  • SQL Developer
  • Editor
  • Product / Project Manager
  • Writer
  • Educator / Trainer
  • Game Developer / Designer
  • Film Projectionist
  • Producer / Director / Director of Photography
  • Customer Service Manager or Trainer


10 Places I’d Like to Visit Before I Die

  • Ireland
  • Thailand
  • Iceland
  • New York City
  • Brazil – Rio
  • Mexico – Oaxaca
  • Japan – Hokkaido
  • Alaska
  • Vancouver
  • The Bermuda Triangle


No entry for today. Today, we adopted a dog and then went to the circus. So you could say it was a busy day.


Curated Recipe Finder

Say you really like the recipes from Serious Eats, Budget Bytes, and Cooking For Engineers. This would just be a special search / browser plugin / etc. to only trawl those and like-minded sites. Ignore the Allrecipes of the world.

eCart-integrated recipe / food planning app

Copy Me That on steroids. Plan your meals, then click “order” — the closest grocery store with online shopping starts to fill and prep and / or deliver your groceries for you. Blue Apron, customized.

A beep-less microwave

I hate those beeps.

AI-powered room / space planner

Give it dimensions, desired or existing furniture, and it calculates your feng shui.

An app that scolds you when you go over budget

I know I personally need this. Plug into my online banking, and make me feel bad when I spend too much eating out this month. Because I will likely not even realize it.

Dog Friend Finder

You don’t have a dog, but you want to hang out with one. Someone works all day, and would like their dog to be checked up on. Seems like something could fill this gap.

Daily Outfit Planner

Upload your wardrobe, have it color-coordinate for you if you’re bad at that sort of thing (like I am).

Shitty start-up generator

Procedurally generated ideas like these on demand!

Procedurally generated recipes

Eat up a bunch of recipe books, procedurally generate new output. See what funkiness ensues.


10 Things I Would Like to Learn

  • How to write music
  • How to be more patient
  • How to be more outgoing
  • Woodworking 101
  • How to establish and adhere to routines
  • More advanced mathematics
  • Natural Language Processing
  • How to write an audio visualizer
  • How to tie a tie
  • How to draw

So it seems like I kind of didn’t stick to the original guns. Not exactly ten ideas every day, but it is ten somethings every day. I will improve.

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