#NaNoWriMo18 – Day 5

I’m going to be completely honest: I missed a day and a half, and have only caught up today. My “side” project has been untouched since Day 1, at least by my own hand. My co-writer has been plugging away at it, thankfully, and we are still making progress!

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The Higher Silences

Total Words: 10,910

Words Today: 3,397

Thoughts: Outlining has saved my life. I wrote nearly 3k words yesterday, and 4k today, and was able to catch up and then get some words in the bank. I feel confident in doing things like foreshadowing, and crating setups for payoffs I know are coming later. On top of this, doing the character work was 10x more helpful. Knowing¬†who I’m writing about has made the actual act of writing less wringing water from stone, more letting someone else take the wheel.

Untitled Collaboration

Total Words: ~5,000

My Words Today: 0

Thoughts: I haven’t written for this project since Day 1, but I do plan on coming back now that I’ve caught up in my main project. It’s a unique experience for me, collaborating on a fiction project. I think our ideas are definitely strengthened by our frequent and sometimes too-long brainstorming sessions. We are definitely coming up with something I’m excited about, and I’m eager to see what my co-author has written each day.

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