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10 Ideas for a Better Life

Not to be mistaken for “how to live a good life.” I am not equipped to define what a Good Life even is, let alone dispense any type of advice for getting there. Simply put, these are personal rules for improving life incrementally.

Progress is made by accumulation, not random bursts.

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10 of the Best Things that Happened to Me

It’s good to reflect on your life and single out the events that have had large, net positive impacts. When you focus on the things for which you’re thankful, it’s like drawing from a bottomless well of happiness. This is an entirely personal exercise, so feel free to skip past.

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10 Ways to Be More Happy

We all have our down days. I think it’s important to acknowledge them when they happen. Don’t deny the feelings. Give them their names, give them space, and deal with them. It’s difficult. But it’s necessary.

This day was one of those days for me, so my ideas for the day were centered on ways to give long-term benefits to my overall mood.

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