Palingenesia, or palingenesis, is a concept of rebirth or recreation. In Stoic philosophy, this word was often used to describe the process of the continual destruction (kataklysmos) and rebirth (palingenesia) of the universe. Only birth can conquer death — the birth, not of the old thing again, but of something new.

My name is Brandon Gandy and this is my blog.

By day I work as a software developer in the land of .NET / SQL Server / etc.

By night I pursue creative writing, world building, sometimes game development, photography, personal development, and more. This blog will cover all of the above.

This blog originally existed under a different form using some freeware static site generator. Due to a small bug — and my own poor decision of not backup anything up — I lost all of the local files. So the current version was born.



A lot of this blog dwells in the murky swamp called Advice. As with all advice, when I give it I am really just talking about myself (aren’t blogs inherently narcissistic ventures, anyway?). However, when I do give it, it does come from experience and with Good Intentions. If I am wrong — and I often am — please drop a line and correct me.